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Benefit of Leasing

  • Conserve Cash Flow / 100% Financing:We can finance 100% of the equipment cost with affordable monthly payments, no down payments, and no security deposits. Even soft costs like shipping, installation and training costs can be included in the total financing.
  • Convenience:Apply for a lease with a simple one-page application. Approvals come in under 3 hours and documents and funding can happen within 24 hours.
  • Tax Benefits:Leasing is often cited as a preferred financing mechanism due to its potential tax advantages over other forms of financing. Depending on your lease structure, 100% of payments may be expensed and/or significant portions of the equipment cost can be deducted as a depreciation expense in the year the equipment is acquired.
  • Leasing May Be Cheaper Than Cash:When potential tax benefits of leasing are coupled with the conservation of working capital (and the potential income derived from the conserved capital), leasing may be cheaper than paying cash for the equipment or software.
  • Overcome Budget Limitations:Leasing allows for the acquisition of needed equipment today with monthly payments, while maintaining capital budget integrity and avoiding a large lump sum capital expense.
  • Protection from Equipment Obsolescence:Our programs have upgrade, trade-in, and add-on features that ensure the equipment you use will never be obsolete, thereby maintaining an edge over your competitors.