Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look through this list of commonly asked questions and concerns that could arise.

  • Is hosted PBX really a reliable enough solution for my business?

    When properly implemented, a hosted PBX solution is actually more reliable than an on-premise solution. PBX is highly scalable to meet your business’s evolving needs, and it provides benefits a traditional phone system simply cannot match. Hosted PBX also reduces the capital expenditure of a new phone system, safeguarding it against technological obsolescence, broadband failures, and natural disasters.

  • Will moving over to a new system disrupt my business?

    Unlike on-premise solutions and their mandatory setup, hardware, and infrastructure installation, implementing a cloud-based system is much less disruptive. The switchover can be done with minimal interruption and it can all happen after hours. You and your employees won’t even recognize anything different, aside from easy access to new productivity tools and increased flexibility.

  • Will moving over to a new system adversely affect my customers?

    Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions are increasingly being recognized as more reliable than their on-premise counterparts, with geo-redundant options that ensure immediate failover without disrupting service. In the unlikely event you experience an outage or interruption, UCaaS systems recover much faster than on-premise solutions, without any rebooting or reconfiguring required. From your customer’s perspective, there will be no interruptions. They’ll be able to reach you just as easily and even more reliably than when you were using an on-premise system.

  • What makes UCaaS different from my old phone system?

    UCaaS solutions work exactly the same as your old on-premise phone system. You’ll still have access to your desk phones and they’ll operate just the same as they always did. The only difference is the added mobility solutions of UC Client and the mobile app making your phone system even more intuitive and easy-to-use.

  • Do I need an additional internet connection?

    No, you do not require a second internet connection for business resiliency. That said, we usually recommend a second internet connection, since it’s a great way to further solidify your network solution.

  • What happens if I lose my internet connection?

    All UCaaS solutions require internet connectivity but, with a hosted PBX solution, your infrastructure remains available even if you lose your broadband connection. This way your internet connection is no longer a single point of failure. When your PBX resides in the cloud, you have a plethora of call routing options. For example, our cloud-based PBX includes features like find-me-follow-me & voicemail-to-email, and calls can be automatically routed to virtually any person, device, or location. We’ll also architect a redundant broadband solution with multiple seamless internet connections to cut your costs and include a mobile application that keeps your employees fully connected, even if your network and all the broadband carriers are down.

  • I hear about outages all the time. What if I can’t afford to go down?

    Outages are actually much less common with a UCaaS solution than they are with a premise-based system. In fact, the average cloud-based system has an uptime of 99.99%. In the unlikely event of an outage, recovery happens way faster with a cloud-based system and the disaster recovery options are easier to implement and even more robust.

  • What if I can’t afford to move to a new system?

    Our Unified Communication platform doesn’t require large, upfront investments like a traditional phone system does. In fact, switching will reduce your operating costs upfront and over time and help you cut down on unnecessary business expenses. Our platform is continuously updated to provide your business with new, enhanced capabilities and features—ensuring you stay up-to-date and on the cutting edge.

  • Doesn’t scaling cost a lot of money?

    One of the biggest benefits of a UCaaS solution is infinite, cost-effective scalability. With an on-premise system, scaling requires extra space, the purchase and installation of new hardware and software, configuration and upkeep. Due to the length of time and expenses associated with scaling, businesses often have to forecast their growth needs and pay for the added infrastructure in advance. With a UCaaS solution, all the infrastructure costs are taken care of, scaling can be done on-demand, and it’s a fraction of the cost of scaling with an on-premise system.

  • I already have a premise-based PBX. Why should I change now?

    Technology is constantly transforming what’s possible, and most businesses hope to reap the benefits without investing significant amounts of money or time. So what do they do? Seek out UCaaS solutions. With your phone system in the cloud, you’ll no longer worry about your communication infrastructure’s ability to keep up with your growing business needs. There’s little to no expertise required with UCaaS, and it provides every capability of a traditional phone system and then some—all while reducing your costs upfront and over time. Additionally, UCaaS solutions won’t become obsolete, since new features and capabilities are continuously added without any necessary system upgrades.

  • Is hosted PBX as feature-rich as a traditional PBX system?

    Simply put: yes—and then some. Our cloud-based phone systems include features most organizations couldn’t afford with their existing setups, and everything can be managed with our easy-to-use web interface, no expertise required. You’ll be able to access carrier-class scalability and API-extensible apps like or Outlook, offering you a simple solution for all your communication needs.

  • Which carrier does the platform utilize?

    One of the biggest benefits of our cloud-based PBX platform is that you’ll never have to deal with a traditional, long distance carrier again. We manage all carrier connectivity in the cloud, with ‘cross-connects’ directly to the PSTN. Our platform includes connectivity to multiple carriers for redundancy purposes, so no single carrier issue will impact your business. Our carriers are chosen, and maintain favor with us, based on their reliability and costs.

Do you have a question we didn’t cover? Reach out to us directly so we can help.