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Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a transformative telecommunications solution that creates a seamless, flexible and empowering end-to-end user experience. From meeting facilitation and user messaging to call management, chatting and video conferencing capabilities, UCaaS offers your employees and customers countless collaboration and productivity tools in an integrated cloud environment.

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UCaaS Products

In a world where remote work is fast becoming the “new normal,” finding innovative and adaptable ways to communicate is more essential than ever. UCaaS takes today’s most vital communications solutions and combines them into a single, easy-to-use interface featuring four distinct products and a lengthy lineup of convenient features. You can ensure your business’s everyday communications keep your employees engaged, connected and able to collaborate—wherever they are.

  1. UC Client
    UC Client is a cost-effective, scalable way to streamline communications that lets you skip complex setups and configurations. You can use it to conduct voice and video calls, collaborate and chat with your team, host meetings, share your screen, search for key contacts and much, much more. 
  2. Mobile Applications (Corenexa)
    Maximize your mobile phone’s home-office-potential with Mobile Applications. Innovative features like Office Extension, Extension-to- Extension Dialing, Caller ID, and Conference Calling increase productivity while voice, chat, video, and other collaboration solutions support your entire mobile workforce.
  3. Administration and Management
    Stay in complete control with Administration and Management. Self-administer your account anytime, anywhere with the ability to run reports, reboot phones, broadcast communications, calculate taxes, test your connection, track invoices and orders and make changes as you go. With easy access to your User Dashboard, you can configure your own Hosted-PBX, create detailed call groups, view billing information and much more. 
  4. Desk Phones (Yealink)
    Choose from an extensive lineup of Yealink desktop phones all designed for a clear, secure and reliable communication experience. From the SIP-T2X and SIP-T4X Series VoIP Phones to the T5 Series Media Phones, conference phones and DECT phones, you can tailor your preferred Yealink product to your unique business needs. The opportunities for productivity, personalized collaboration and flexibility are endless. 


UCaaS Platform & Product Features

VoiceMail to Email
Skip the extra mailbox checks by sending voicemails directly to email. Each message will include the date, time and duration of the call, Caller ID (if provided), the mailbox number, and an attached .WAV file that can be played on your PC or mobile device. Stay one step ahead of mailbox clutter with an auto-delete feature that eliminates voicemail messages—either after a configurable time or as soon they’re emailed.

Voice to Text
Voice to Text Visual Voicemail Transcription means you’ll never miss a message and you’ll save a lot of time. That’s because you can read it on your desktop, UC Client or Mobile Application without ever having to dial into your mailbox. This feature leverages Google’s Cloud Speech API for Speech to Text transcription for superior accuracy every time.

SMS Messaging
Use UC Client to send SMS (text) or MMS (media) messages from your business phone number, no matter where you are. This feature offers increased professionalism and privacy because it never displays personal numbers and provides continuity of communications by keeping employee business communications securely inside the company.

Call Recording
This Mobile Application feature records incoming and outgoing calls by default, on demand, all with the click of a single button. You can record entire calls, parts of calls, pause recordings and resume them as needed. After you hang up, you can search, see, listen to and download your recordings from a single screen anytime.

Call Conferencing and Conference Bridges
Conference calls have become a way of work life, and the easier they are to access, the better. With this feature, you can skip the tedious dialing in and join conference calls with just one click. Use conference bridges to help on-site and outside callers participate in password-protected conference calls and assign unique caller privileges like “talk/listen” and “listen only.”

International Dialing
Simplify and safeguard international dialing with custom programming that controls which extensions can dial internationally, whether PIN access is required, and restricts international dial-outs during set times based on specific time zone schedules. It’s a streamlined way to prevent sky-high phone bills and protect your business.

TollFree Numbers
Keep things cost-friendly for your customers with toll-free numbers that can be routed to a specific outside DID, Auto Attendant, group, or queue.

Sound the alarm on emergencies from every single device with the Enhanced911 feature. Each location and phone number where you utilize a device or softphone will have an associated entry in the Web Portal that’s registered with the national E911 database.

Use EFax to easily send faxes from your computer which recipients can conveniently retrieve via email or a physical fax machine. This feature provides immediate access to faxes—anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Call Management
Take control of all aspects of Call Management with the ability to automatically or manually administer answering, transfers, forwarding, Listen Live, Call Parking, Call Holding, Call Queues, Call Recording, Caller ID, Call Blocking, Do Not Disturb, Speed Dial, One-Button Redial, Office Intercom and much more. You can even use the Find Me digital assistant to search for you at up to five locations.

ACD (Automatic Call Distributions) Routing
If you’re supporting a call center environment or similar setup, use the ACD Routing feature to easily and efficiently route calls to the appropriate agents based on predetermined factors like time availability, behavior, and priority levels. You can also access detailed reports on agent performance to help you manage employees more easily.

Music On Hold
Offer your customers a more captivating on-hold experience with the option for custom or default Music on Hold or the opportunity to upload multiple Commercials on Hold to your hosted PBX based on location or queue.

Virtual Auto Attendants
When you’re searching for a reliable receptionist, an automated feature can be even more effective. Set up a telephone number that dials directly to a Virtual Auto Attendant where callers will be met with predefined options to navigate their own customer experience.

Access a wide range of informative reports covering everything from call activity to call volume, path usage, SMS and hosted fax logs and even graphical displays in one user-friendly dashboard.

Contact Center & IVR

Empower your Contact Center with everything it needs to streamline the customer service experience. Use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to automatically collect key data from customers about the nature of their inquiries and seamlessly attain personal information and account details as the call is routed to the agent. Agents and customers can communicate via voice calls, live webchat, email, or SMS/MM in one integrated platform and supervisors can monitor, coach and intercept in real time to take immediate action as needed.

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