Powerful Premise Based Solutions you can handle in-house.

Our Premise Based Solutions offer a centrally-stored phone system at your location, so you can control equipment maintenance, upgrades, and system expansion.

Our solutions are scalable, no matter your business size.

Call Conferencing & Conference Bridges

Take charge of group communications with a multi-feature conference center that streamlines scheduling in real-time, manages conference calls and bridges, and grants you access to one easy-to-use portal to administer it all. Communicate clearly and securely with up to 30 call participants, so you can keep collaborating with key customers, remote workers and reliable business partners to drive your business forward.

Unlimited Call Routes

Find unmatched flexibility with unlimited, customized call routes. Easily control call routes based on your presence settings, specific incoming phone numbers, area codes or internal extensions or set it up so incoming calls ring to multiple handsets simultaneously. You won’t have to worry about missing an important call, because it can always be re-routed to another internal extension or outside number. 

Call Queuing

When multiple callers are trying to reach your business, call queuing allows you to route them on a first-in, first-out basis to the appropriate extension or group. Prioritize calls by value, request, urgency or customizable rules and set up announcements to greet them or share information while they’re waiting. 

Auto Attendants

Depending on your on-premise system model, you can get anywhere from nine to 32 auto attendants supporting custom greetings based on pre-programmed schedules and specific information. Each of these auto attendants is fully capable of routing to other auto attendants, call queues or extensions. 


Get easy access to voicemail straight from your email inbox. Voicemail messages can be sent as WAV attachments and you can even set up SMS text alerts to ping you when a new voicemail arrives. When customer messages simply can’t wait, automatic escalation paths notify select users via text and email until the messages are retrieved. 

Park to Extension

Eliminate the need for unnecessary pages and notifications by parking calls directly to specific users or group extensions. Get a clear view into the call destination from the Parked Calls screen or add a programmable Park to Extension button to your desktop phone for even easier administration. 


Use your phone to make clear loudspeaker announcements to up to ten different paging zones. 

Door Relay

Sync a third-party electronic door/lock device directly to your on-premise phone system. Use it to grant visitor access, direct guests to onsite hosts or communicate with vendors when they arrive at reception.

Music on Hold

Offer your customers a more captivating on-hold experience with the option for custom or default Music on Hold or the opportunity to broadcast Commercials on Hold based on call location or queue.

Presence Settings

Automatically update your phone greeting and call route based on your current presence: In Office, At a Meeting, On Vacation, On a Business Trip, At Home, Away or Busy. Access presence settings with a wide array of methods including Microsoft Skype for Business/ Outlook, mobile applications, your IP phone and more. 

Plug-N-Play Remote IP Phones

Take all the handy features from your IP office phone and plug and play them remotely at your own convenience. This even goes for your extension itself. Simply plug the pre-programmed IP phone into your home cable/ DSL router and you can access every feature that helps you stay connected and productive at the office. Zero additional phone licences or VPN hardware are required.

Allworx Reach Mobile Application

An entire business communication system that fits inside your pocket! The Allworx Reach mobile app extends the rich functionality of your VoIP system to your iOS and Android devices. Allworx Reach Link ensures seamless transitions for your voice calls from wifi to your cellular data network, so you never have to worry about dropping a call.

Allworx Interact Professional and Softphone

Combine the ease of a PC-based interface with the high voice quality of a desktop phone with Allworx Interact Professional and sync your phone presence to your online status with Allworx Interact Sync. Anyone who relies on Microsoft productivity tools can easily control their phone presence based on their current status, so you can skip the multiple status updates and let key constituents know exactly where you are. 

Advanced Software Options

Allworx Advanced Multi-Site
Integrate up to 100 locations, 1,000 users, and 2,000 extensions under one VoIP communication system with Allworx Advanced Multi-Site. Get global access and shared staffing across all sites, cost-savings from the elimination of redundant local and long distance charges, and superior disaster recovery support that safeguards against connectivity failure.

Dual Language Support
For multicultural or international businesses who support a diverse global range of customers and employees, Allworx Dual Language Support offers multi-language voice prompts and phone text in English plus one other language, flexible language selection for incoming callers and internal employees, language customization by phone line, and auto attendants and call queues set to function in different languages.

Generic SIP Device Registration
Allworx Generic SIP Device registration allows you to add a SIP device to your Allworx system even if it’s not an Allworx-branded. The Generic SIP Device license is perfect for adding a Polycom SIP conference phone, Yealink cordless handset, and other on-premise telecommunications devices.

Contact Center

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Manage and distribute incoming calls across ten different queues with Automatic Call Distribution (ACD). You can use four distinct call distribution styles, sending calls to agents according to priority, availability, all agents simultaneously or in a circular manner. Customize welcome greetings, status messages, and call routes based on your unique business flow and access agent and supervisor-specific features like call monitoring, status updating, visual queue alarm notifications and more.

Allworx View
Let data drive your decision making with comprehensive historical call activity reports that help you track metrics like outbound and inbound call volume to power up business performance. Allworx View lets you create, save and share call activity reports with advanced data filters and access reports from any device.

Allworx View ACD
Help your call center team stay on top of every queue with real time agent stats on customizable, easy-to-see graphical dashboards. You can create as many dashboards as you need with full access control and effortlessly adjust font sizes, alarm display options and more.

Administration and Management

It doesn’t have to be complicated to stay in control. You can manage your entire Allworx system from virtually anywhere with secure web access. Go from configuring your system and user settings to downloading and installing software keys and assigning administrative privileges and user access levels on-the-go or in person. My Allworx Manager lets you access call details, queue statistics, directories and phone features, schedule, modify and monitor conference calls, and set up agents and queues.

OfficeSafe Data Backup

In today’s increasingly digital world, regular backups are required to minimize business risk. With OfficeSafe Data Backup, you can rest easy that catastrophic events like equipment failure won’t lead to the loss of your critical data. That’s because you’ll receive automated backups of your data and application files for all of your locations—unlimited. You can schedule server backups independently, be notified when each is complete, manage from a central location, and restore systems easily without any data loss.

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