President & CEO

Mario has worked in the telecommunications industry for 35 years. He has a passion for helping companies leverage Statewide’s solutions to support their customers, and he’s big on building long term relationships as a trusted business advisor. He likes to make success simple for Statewide’s customers by taking on the full spectrum of technology tasks and services to free up their time.

Mario is intimately familiar with the infrastructure and technology today’s businesses use to communicate. He’s witnessed firsthand the progression of telecommunications tools and technologies and understands exactly how an effective communications solution can completely transform the way a business operates. He’s maintained a loyal base of “day 1 customers” since Statewide opened its doors in 1991, and he strives to offer that same dedicated experience to every new client we take on.

Mario lives in Lynnfield, MA with his wife Priscilla. He loves car shows and auctions and traveling to brand new destinations, especially in the U.S.